New 6×6 firetruck chassis in CAD

Additionnally to the heavy 8×8 firetruck chassis for airports, we have now designed a light duty version with modern 3D- CAD techniques.
The new chassis T36 650 6×6 is equipped with a V8 Diesel- engine with 650 hp and fully automatic transmission. Three driven axles provide highest offroad- abilities, maximum traction and a GVW of 36 tons (recommended) or even up to 39 tons (maximum allowed).
Furthermore the vehicle is equipped with a power- divider for the fire pump.
An additional fire pump engine is no more needed, this allows a bigger water tank and a higher GVW.



If you ever need a well powered chassis with highest offroad- abilities and highest payloads for any other imaginable use, please do not hestitate to contact us. We can provide this or a similar chassis for your special use with additional axles, driven axles, steered axles or a driver cabin.