TITAN at IAA commercial vehicles 2014 in Hannover/Germany

TITAN Spezialfahrzeugbau GmbH will exhibit at the IAA commercial vehicles from September 25th to Oktober 2nd in Hannover/Germany. During the "Driving Experience" we will expose the new Actros SLT with the short wheelbase of 3.300 mm. Furthermore we will show a stickable additional axle to rise the tractor payload by additional 8.500 kg when needed. We are looking forward to welcome you at the ADAC driving center in Messe/Laatzen close to the exhibition grounds. A free shuttle service is a...

Product video: TITAN T52 1300 8×8 ARFF Chassis with Volkan body

T52 1300 8x8 Volkan
A TITAN Chassis T52 1300 8x8 of the new generation was built up with the fire truck body by the turkish body builder Volkan. This vehicle is the first one out of a series that will guarantee the safety on important turkish airports. The twin- engine all wheel driven vehicle with a total weight of 50 tons accelerates in 21 s up to 80 km/h and reaches a top speed of 135 km/h. The high performance of chassis and vehicle is impressively shown in the product video: See the product video ...

First Z6 on TITAN- chassis

Read the press release (german): First Z6 on TITAN- chassis The independent german firefighting newspaper FEUERWEHR- MAGAZIN reports about the delivery of the first ARFF vehicle on a TITAN Chassis T36 650 6x6 E 5. These high- performance chassis series with highest offroad- abilities have an axle- load of 13 t each, a width of 3 m and fulfill the exhaust stage level Euro 5 (optional Euro 3). For further applications 4x4 chassis (single engine) and 8x8 chassis (twin engine) are available...

First TITAN T36 650 6×6 ARFF Chassis with Ziegler body

On thursday, July 11th 2013 the new Ziegler ARFF vehicle on a TITAN T36 650 6x6 chassis was delivered to the airport of Dubrovnik/Croatia. It is the first 6x6 ARFF vehicle on the new TITAN chassis- series. The Mercedes- Benz V8 Turbo Diesel engine with 15,6 l swept volume and a power of 654 hp pushes the 38 t vehicle to a top speed of more than 120 km/h- and corresponds to the actual Euro 5 exhaust stage. The body has a water tank with a capacity of 12.500 l and a foam tank with 1.700 l c...